BIM Governance Model

Implementation Framework Of Cloud BIM Governance Model

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Implementation Framework Of Cloud BIM Governance Model

Collaboration has become an implicit necessity for successful plan, design, build construction. The decision makers need to engage in meaningful conversations and processes with other project stakeholders to reinforce what is best for the project. Sometimes it takes more than just words or commitments, for the smooth operation to follow. The objective of the research is to provide a framework /platform for these processes of collaboration and governance to happen by the project lifecycle. The meaningful interaction that can help and boost the project is a need of the hour. Construction requires three main components: PEOPLE, PROCESS AND TOOLS which work together to form IPD, LEAN, BIM which has thoroughly changed the map of infrastructure and construction building methods. BIM enables understanding, communication, and visualization to have hands-on experience about the scope of the project. The process of understanding the deficiencies in the project lifecycle and how to optimize the discrepancies for the project success is the ultimate goal of this research using the cloud as a model. The focus of the project is applying Lean and Governance processes to escalate the value and efficiency, and with reliable, pervasive BIM Cloud to provide clarity and a single source of truth, practically any project can be successful in the 21st century.

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